A practice in progressive architecture and urbanism

We believe

Design has the power to expand possibilities.

We place innovative and experimental design at centre-stage. We shape quality spaces for all. Our design approach is intelligent, appropriate, inclusive and connective.

Architecture demands a critical awareness of its positioning.

We reflect on our work through research and writing. We are self-critical designers, mindful of the meanings of our decisions and the lenses through which we enquire.

Space is an entanglement of multiple systems, ideas, materials, interests and lives lived.

Context is critical for us, both as the starting point for every project, and as a design driver. We intervene strategically to ensure a considered and symbiotic impact. We believe that a generous and inclusive impulse can inform any project, public or private.

We do


Meshworks offers comprehensive architectural expertise and the full range of architectural services. Our approach is design-oriented and studio-based.


We have a strong research prerogative, with a broad focus from informality, social inclusion and urban theory to social housing and transportation. We seek to radically reshape routine approaches to urban design.

Information Design

Every context comprises a meshwork of data, associations, locations and languages. We draw on these cues to distil meaning and legibility, and to produce compelling information design, wayfinding, graphic analysis and mapping schemes.

Public Space

We engage critically with public space in order to interpret needs, identify inequities, and bridge divides. We work to catalyse places and enable communities through public interventions, lighting, landscape design, pavilions, street art, and exhibitions.

We are

Catherine de Souza

Catherine completed a Masters in Culture Studies, and then worked in the NGO sector, before embarking on her architectural career. Since completing a Master of Architecture (Professional) at the University of the Witwatersrand in 2010, she has worked in the residential and educational fields. She has been an external examiner at Masters level, and taught undergraduate architectural theory at Wits University.

Guy Trangos

Guy is completing his Doctor of Design at the Harvard University Graduate School of Design. He graduated with a Master of Architecture (Professional) from the University of the Witwatersrand in 2008. In 2012 he received a Master of Sciences in City Design and Social Science from the London School of Economics and Political Science. He has worked for a number of years as an architect in Johannesburg and as an urban researcher at the Gauteng City-Region Observatory, where he maintains a research fellowship.

Meshworks is a scalable and collaborative network.

Our evolving principles of practice can be applied loosely and globally, or specifically and locally. We promote cross-discipline, cross-border co-production on a range of project types.

Contact us

+27 (0)82 932 4258

A registered practice of the South African Institute of Architects